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Aage Birch - I hope this finds you well - CD

Aage Birch - I hope this finds you well - CD

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"I hope this finds you well" - Aage Birch's new album on CD available here on!

Aage Birch (formerly known as Onward, etc.) is a musical project put together by Rosco Wuestewald. Leaving the midwest at an early age, he started a journey traveling around the world which has developed into a project known as Aage Birch. The project connects musicians located throughout the country, enabling each tour and show be completely unique based on the different band members and the location of the stage. As with anything alive with electricity, permanent members have been picked up along the way. Wuestewald met violin player, KC Olsen, on an excursion in Hawaii in 2009. KC joined Rosco for a gig that evolved Aage Birch. into an unfaltering duo. Their live performances proved to be captivating as Wuestewald's voice carried out his heart wrenching lyrics accompanied by his punk rock roots and Olsen's stage jumping antics. The pair found themselves in the state of Washington and in the company of percussionist, Tom Pearson in 2011. Toms throne was later handed down to Jake Stringer (David Allan Coe, Wasted Ways) Jakes ability to match the style of Aage Birch earned him a permanent seat on the rowdy train. The Aage Birch project has been successful as the trio has acquired components and companions in Alaska, the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, New York City, Los Angeles, Oregon, and Hawaii.


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